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Simply Garlic_bread.jpg

Simply Garlic is a multi purpose product that has been manufactured

to be used for a variety of applications such as garlic breads, flat breads,

pizza bases, Italian loaves and focaccia breads and is available as

a garlic spread or garlic topping.

This product is formulated to be a bake-off product and the flavours are released when the spread is melted.

It is packaged in a 4.5 kg virgin plastic, tamper proof pail. Each pail is clearly labeled with a list of ingredients, allergens, barcode and best before date.

This multipurpose garlic spread has to be refrigerated at a maximum of 5 °C.

If stored correctly, the product has a shelf life of 5 months from date of production.

Stetsons is able to manufacture to customised recipes to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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